Christmas gifts by Horoscope

…choose the right Christmas gift according to the zodiac sign.

Don’t know what to get for your loved ones? Try choosing a gift for them according to the month in which they were born. In this clever and simple way, you may discover hidden hobbies of the person you’re gifting that you had no idea about until now.


22. december – 20 January

Capricorns are often shy, reserved and thoughtful. Such persons do not take anything lightly, are persistent and very ambitious, so they find it very difficult to relax. The perfect gift for such people would be, for example, watches, diaries or relaxing treatments.



21. january – February 20

Aquarians are idealists who like their peace of mind. They avoid conflict and don’t like to be forced into anything. Aquarians like new and modern things. The ideal gift for Aquarius will be new accessories for the apartment, interesting books or new clothes.



21. february – March 20

Pisces are very perceptive, flexible and can relate to any situation. Very often Pisces get influenced and sometimes they are unnecessarily over-sensitive. Pisces likes to make others happy and longs for hugs and family warmth. You will never make a mistake if you buy a fish an interesting book, cosmetics, favorite music or a knitted sweater.


21. march – April 20

Aries are spontaneous and direct, always trying to live in the present and interested in the things around them. Persons born in this sign like to be interested in new things, so a suitable gift will be, for example, an educational book, a historical film or an encyclopedia.


21. april 21 – May 21

Taurus like to enjoy life, are persistent and won’t stop until they get their way. Things that have longevity are valuable to these people. Give a Taurus something made of gold, silver or antiques as a gift.


22. may 21 – June 21

Gemini is volatile, restless, lively and very curious. He often gets carried away by his own imagination. A weekend getaway, a camera or an adventure book is a suitable gift.


22. june 22 – July 22

A person born in this sign is fragile, vulnerable and very sensitive. For Cancer, anything that will make his or her favourite domestic space feel cosy is a suitable gift. You can gift a figurine, mug, cushion or other home furnishings.


23. july 22 – August 22

Lions are bold, bossy and have an amazing sense of direction. Persons born in this sign hate mediocrity and like to excel. Gifts with a monogram will make a lion happy.


23. august – September 22

Virgo is a punctual, reliable and considerate person, but often lacks self-confidence. A suitable gift for this sign is a diary, a bag with binders for documents or assorted files.


23. september – 23 October

Libra hates disputes and therefore avoids intrigues and lies. They like justice and always try to make the right decision, which is why they are very hesitant. You will make these people happy with pottery, a painting, a candle holder or some decorative jewellery.


24. october – November 22

Scorpio is a persistent and bright person full of energy who loves change. A great gift for this sign would be a voucher to a spa or the mountains.


23. november – 21 December

Sagittarius is an independent individual who craves the exotic and does everything with enthusiasm. Sagittarius always likes to explore new places, so a trip to a new environment is a suitable gift.

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