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Christmas in Chile: A Cultural and Festive Experience

Discover the Traditions, Food, and Celebrations of Christmas in Chile

Christmas is a special time of the year in Chile, filled with unique traditions, customs, and celebrations. From festive decorations to delicious food and drink, Chileans embrace the spirit of Christmas in their own distinct way. In this article, we explore the different aspects of Christmas in Chile, including its history, traditions, and modern-day celebrations.


History of Christmas in Chile

Christmas in Chile has its roots in the country’s colonial past, where Spanish Catholicism played a significant role in shaping religious and cultural practices. While the celebration of Christmas has evolved over the years, many traditions have remained steadfast, passed down through generations.


Preparations for Christmas

In Chile, the festive season begins in early December, with preparations for Christmas starting weeks in advance. One of the most significant preparations is decorating the home, with families adorning their houses with bright lights, tinsel, and wreaths. Another important part of the preparations is buying gifts for loved ones, with many people flocking to the malls and markets to purchase presents.


Traditional Christmas Food and Drink

Food plays a vital role in Christmas celebrations in Chile, with traditional dishes reflecting the country’s diverse cultural influences. One of the most popular dishes is ‘pan de Pascua,’ a sweet bread filled with nuts, raisins, and spices. Another favorite is ’empanadas,’ savory pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a glass of ‘cola de mono,’ a delicious drink made from milk, coffee, cinnamon, and aguardiente (a local liquor).


Christmas Eve Celebrations

In Chile, Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) is the most important night of the festive season, with families gathering together to celebrate. One of the most significant traditions is the midnight Mass (Misa de Gallo), where families attend church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Afterward, families return home to enjoy a big feast of traditional Christmas foods and exchange gifts. In some parts of Chile, it’s also customary to light fireworks to welcome in the new year.


Modern-day Christmas Celebrations

While many traditions have remained unchanged, modern-day celebrations have evolved to incorporate new customs and practices. For example, many Chileans now celebrate with a ‘Paseo de Navidad,’ where families visit various Christmas-themed events, including fairs, markets, and light displays. Another popular activity is to visit a ‘Nacimiento,’ a life-sized nativity scene that depicts the birth of Jesus.


Christmas in Different Regions of Chile

Chile is a vast country, and the festive season is celebrated differently in different regions. In the northern region of Arica, for example, it’s customary to celebrate with ‘Toral,’ a drink made from fermented corn. In the southern region of Chiloé, the celebrations are steeped in folklore and include the ‘Chamanto,’ a traditional poncho worn by locals.


Christmas Traditions and Superstitions

Like many cultures, Chileans have their own unique traditions and superstitions surrounding Christmas. For example, it’s said that placing a small statue of Baby Jesus in the crib will bring good luck for the coming year. It’s also believed that making a wish while eating the first slice of ‘pan de Pascua’ will make it come true.



Christmas in Chile is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. From traditional foods and drinks to unique customs and practices, Chileans embrace the festive season in their own distinct way. Whether attending midnight Mass or visiting a nativity scene, Christmas in Chile is a cultural and festive experience that should not be missed.



What is the significance of the midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in Chile?

The midnight Mass, or Misa de Gallo, is a significant part of Christmas Eve celebrations in Chile as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ and brings families together for a religious and cultural experience.


How is Christmas celebrated in different regions of Chile?

Christmas is celebrated differently in various regions of Chile, with traditions and customs unique to each area. For instance, in the northern region of Arica, it’s customary to celebrate with a drink made from fermented corn called ‘Toral.’


What are some modern-day Christmas traditions in Chile?

Modern-day Christmas celebrations in Chile have evolved to incorporate new customs and practices, such as the ‘Paseo de Navidad,’ where families visit Christmas-themed events and light displays.


What are some popular Christmas superstitions in Chile?

Ans: Some popular Christmas superstitions in Chile include placing a small statue of Baby Jesus in the crib for good luck and making a wish while eating the first slice of ‘pan de Pascua.’

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