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Christmas in Estonia: A Journey Through Winter Wonderland

Discover the Magic of Christmas in Estonia: From Ancient Customs to Delightful Winter Activities

Christmas in Estonia is a magical time when ancient traditions and modern celebrations blend together to create a festive atmosphere that warms the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. With its snow-covered landscapes, historic cities, and warm-hearted people, Estonia offers a truly unforgettable Christmas experience. In this article, we’ll explore the unique customs, delicious cuisine, and enchanting festivities that make Christmas in Estonia a special time for all who celebrate it.


Estonian Christmas Traditions

The First Advent Candle

The Christmas season in Estonia begins on the first Sunday of Advent when families gather to light the first of four candles on their Advent wreath. Each week, another candle is lit, symbolizing the anticipation and hope for the coming of Christmas.


Christmas Markets

During the festive season, Estonian cities and towns come alive with Christmas markets, where locals and tourists alike can shop for unique gifts, indulge in traditional Estonian food, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The Tallinn Christmas Market, held in the city’s historic Old Town, is particularly renowned for its charm and beauty.


Jõuluvana – The Estonian Santa Claus

Jõuluvana, the Estonian version of Santa Claus, visits children on Christmas Eve to deliver presents. Like his counterparts in other countries, Jõuluvana is known for his kindness and generosity, bringing joy to children all over Estonia.


Christmas Eve in Estonia

Christmas Eve is the most important part of the Estonian Christmas celebration. On this day, families come together to share a festive meal, exchange gifts, and attend church services. Many Estonians also visit the graves of their loved ones, lighting candles to honor their memory and to bring light into the darkness of winter.


Festive Celebrations and Winter Delights in Estonia

Ice Skating and Winter Sports

Estonia’s snowy winters provide the perfect backdrop for ice skating and winter sports. Many Estonian cities and towns have outdoor ice rinks, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the crisp winter air while skating under twinkling Christmas lights.


St. Martin’s Day and St. Catherine’s Day

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Estonians celebrate two important feast days: St. Martin’s Day (Mardipäev) on November 10th and St. Catherine’s Day (Kadripäev) on November 25th. These days are marked by traditional customs, such as children dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door to sing songs and receive treats.


Traditional Estonian Christmas Dishes

Blood Sausage (Verivorst)

Blood sausage, or verivorst, is a traditional Estonian Christmas dish made from a mixture of pork, blood, and barley, stuffed into a casing and boiled. It is often served with sauerkraut, lingonberry sauce, and boiled potatoes.


Gingerbread Cookies (Piparkoogid)

Estonian gingerbread cookies, or piparkoogid, are a beloved holiday treat. These spiced cookies are often intricately decorated with icing and are enjoyed by both children and adults throughout the festive season.



Christmas in Estonia is a magical time filled with time-honored traditions, delicious cuisine, and enchanting celebrations. The snowy landscapes, festive markets, and warm hospitality make Estonia a truly special destination for anyone looking to experience the wonder of Christmas in a unique and memorable way. So, whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Tallinn, taking part in traditional customs, or simply savoring the flavors of Estonian Christmas cuisine, a visit to Estonia during the festive season is sure to create lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the country’s rich cultural heritage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When does the Christmas season begin in Estonia? A1: The Christmas season in Estonia begins on the first Sunday of Advent, when families gather to light the first of four candles on their Advent wreath.

Q2: What is the most important day during Christmas in Estonia? A2: Christmas Eve is the most important day of the Estonian Christmas celebration, as families come together for a festive meal, exchange gifts, and attend church services.

Q3: What are some traditional Estonian Christmas dishes? A3: Some traditional Estonian Christmas dishes include blood sausage (verivorst), sauerkraut, lingonberry sauce, boiled potatoes, and gingerbread cookies (piparkoogid).

Q4: What are some popular winter activities in Estonia during the Christmas season? A4: Popular winter activities in Estonia during the Christmas season include ice skating, attending Christmas markets, and participating in traditional customs such as St. Martin’s Day and St. Catherine’s Day.

Q5: What is the Tallinn Christmas Market? A5: The Tallinn Christmas Market is a festive event held annually in Tallinn’s historic Old Town. It features unique gifts, traditional Estonian food, and a charming atmosphere, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

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