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Christmas in Greenland: A Winter Wonderland

Explore the Inuit Culture and Traditions That Define a Greenlandic Christmas

Situated in the icy Arctic region, Greenland is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, rich Inuit culture, and resilient communities that have adapted to the harsh climate. During the Christmas season, the people of Greenland come together to celebrate with unique traditions, festive events, and hearty dishes that capture the essence of their Arctic home. In this article, we will explore the customs and practices that define Christmas in Greenland, the vibrant celebrations and activities that take place during the holiday season, and the delicious cuisine that warms the hearts and stomachs of those who gather to share in the festivities.


Greenlandic Christmas Traditions

The Christmas Star

One of the most distinctive Christmas traditions in Greenland is the display of the Christmas Star, which adorns homes, schools, and churches throughout the country. This brightly illuminated star represents the Star of Bethlehem and serves as a symbol of hope and guidance during the long, dark winter nights.


Advent Candles

Greenlandic families also observe the tradition of lighting Advent candles, with one candle being lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas. This practice helps to build anticipation and excitement for the coming holiday and serves as a reminder of the approaching birth of Jesus Christ.


Julemanden (The Greenlandic Santa Claus)

Julemanden, the Greenlandic version of Santa Claus, is a beloved figure in Greenlandic Christmas celebrations. Much like his counterparts around the world, Julemanden visits the homes of children on Christmas Eve, bringing gifts and spreading holiday cheer.


Traditional Greenlandic Christmas Dishes


Suaasat, a hearty soup made with meat (often seal, reindeer, or whale), is the centerpiece of the Greenlandic Christmas feast. This warming dish is flavored with onions, potatoes, and aromatic herbs, and is often accompanied by Greenlandic rye bread, providing a nourishing and satisfying meal for the chilly Arctic climate.



Mattak, a traditional Greenlandic dish made from whale skin and blubber, is another popular choice during the Christmas season. Often enjoyed raw or pickled, this delicacy is rich in nutrients and is considered a festive treat by many Greenlanders.


Kalaallit Kaagiat (Greenlandic Cake)

A Christmas celebration in Greenland would not be complete without Kalaallit Kaagiat, a dense and moist cake made from dried fruits, nuts, and spices. This delicious dessert is often served with whipped cream, providing a sweet and indulgent finish to the holiday meal.


Festive Events and Celebrations

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, towns and villages across Greenland hold special Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. These events bring communities together to celebrate the start of the festive season and often include music, singing, and dancing.


Carol Singing and Drum Dancing

Carol singing is a popular activity during the Christmas season in Greenland, with groups of carolers visiting homes to share their music and spread holiday cheer. Additionally, drum dancing, a traditional Inuit performance art, is often showcased during Christmas events and gatherings, adding a unique cultural element to the celebrations.


Church Services and Nativity Scenes

Attending church services is an important part of the Christmas celebration in Greenland, with many families participating in special Advent services, as well as attending Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Nativity scenes, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, are also commonly displayed in churches and homes across the country, serving as a visual representation of the religious significance of the holiday.


Gift Exchanges and Community Gatherings

Christmas in Greenland is a time for togetherness and sharing, with friends, family, and neighbors coming together to celebrate the season. Gift exchanges are a cherished tradition, symbolizing love and generosity. In many communities, people gather to share food, sing carols, and exchange gifts with one another, creating a warm and festive atmosphere despite the cold Arctic weather.



Christmas in Greenland is a truly unique and memorable experience, as the Arctic nation’s resilient spirit and rich Inuit culture come together to create a festive season filled with warmth, joy, and unity. From the distinctive Christmas Star and Advent candles to the hearty traditional dishes and vibrant celebrations, Christmas in Greenland offers an unforgettable glimpse into the customs and practices that define this remote and beautiful corner of the world.



  1. When is Christmas celebrated in Greenland? Christmas in Greenland is celebrated on December 25th, following the Gregorian calendar.
  2. What is the significance of the Christmas Star in Greenland? The Christmas Star is a brightly illuminated decoration displayed on homes, schools, and churches throughout Greenland during the holiday season. It represents the Star of Bethlehem and serves as a symbol of hope and guidance during the long, dark winter nights.

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