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Christmas in Japan: Illuminations, Festive Food, and Unique Celebrations

Discover the Blend of Western and Japanese Traditions during the Holiday Season

Christmas in Japan is a unique blend of Western and Japanese customs that create a one-of-a-kind experience during the holiday season. Although Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, the country has adopted various aspects of the celebration and given them a uniquely Japanese twist. From dazzling light displays and unique culinary traditions to romantic festivities and winter festivals, a Japanese Christmas is a fascinating experience for locals and visitors alike.


Christmas Illuminations: A Visual Spectacle

One of the most striking features of Christmas in Japan is the incredible illuminations that adorn streets, buildings, and parks throughout the country. These elaborate displays of light create a magical atmosphere and are a popular attraction during the holiday season. Cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama are famous for their mesmerizing light shows, with millions of LED lights used to create breathtaking scenes and designs. These illuminations often last from late November until the end of December, and sometimes even into January, making them an unforgettable part of the Japanese Christmas experience.


Unique Christmas Cuisine

Food plays a significant role in Japanese Christmas celebrations, with some unique dishes taking center stage during the holiday season. One of the most well-known is the Japanese Christmas cake, a light sponge cake covered with whipped cream and decorated with strawberries. This delicious treat is enjoyed by families across Japan and has become synonymous with Christmas.

Another surprising culinary tradition is the popularity of fried chicken, specifically from KFC, during the Christmas season. This phenomenon started in the 1970s with a successful marketing campaign, and now, it’s common for families to preorder their Christmas fried chicken meal well in advance to ensure they can enjoy this festive feast.


Christmas Eve: A Romantic Celebration

In Japan, Christmas Eve is often considered a romantic occasion, similar to Valentine’s Day in Western countries. Couples exchange gifts, dine at fancy restaurants, and take in the beautiful Christmas illuminations together. Many hotels and resorts offer special Christmas Eve packages for couples, making it a popular time for romantic getaways.


Gift-Giving: A Western Influence

The tradition of gift-giving during Christmas is less prominent in Japan compared to Western countries, but it has been growing in popularity. Gift-giving is typically reserved for close friends, romantic partners, or young children, with presents often being small and thoughtful. Many people in Japan prefer to focus on the festive atmosphere and spending time with loved ones rather than exchanging gifts.


Christmas for Children: Santa Claus and Festivities

Although Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, it is still an exciting time for children who eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus, known as Santa-san or Hoteiosho, a Japanese god of good fortune. Schools and shopping centers often host festive events and activities for children, such as Christmas-themed workshops, crafts, and performances.


Japanese Christmas Traditions

While many Japanese Christmas customs have been influenced by Western traditions, there are also some unique aspects to the holiday in Japan. For example, some Japanese families may incorporate elements of their culture, such as origami ornaments for the Christmas tree, or even display a traditional Japanese decoration called a “Kadomatsu” made from bamboo and pine branches at their home’s entrance to welcome good fortune for the New Year.


Winter Festivals: A Cultural Experience

While Christmas is not a traditional Japanese holiday, the winter season is still filled with numerous cultural festivals and events. These winter festivals often feature beautiful ice and snow sculptures, illuminations, and regional food specialties, creating a vibrant atmosphere during the colder months. The Sapporo Snow Festival and the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival are two popular examples of these winter events.


Visiting Shrines and Temples on New Year’s Eve

While Christmas may not be a national holiday in Japan, the New Year’s celebration, known as Shogatsu, is a significant event steeped in tradition. On New Year’s Eve, many Japanese people visit shrines and temples to partake in a practice called Hatsumode, the first shrine visit of the year. During this time, people pray for good health, happiness, and prosperity in the upcoming year. As the clock strikes midnight, temple bells ring 108 times, symbolizing the purging of 108 worldly desires, marking a fresh start for the New Year.



Christmas in Japan is a fascinating blend of Western and Japanese traditions, creating a unique and enchanting experience during the holiday season. From dazzling illuminations and delectable food to romantic celebrations and cultural winter festivals, a Japanese Christmas offers a distinctive perspective on the festive season that is both captivating and memorable.



Is Christmas a national holiday in Japan?

No, Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan. However, it is still celebrated and enjoyed by many people.


What is a popular Christmas dessert in Japan?

Japanese Christmas cake, a light sponge cake covered with whipped cream and decorated with strawberries, is a popular dessert during the holiday season.

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