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Looking for inspiration for Christmas 2024? Take a look at Christmas decorations, holiday decor ideas, advent wreaths or Christmas gifts.


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Inspiration for Christmas Decorations

Are you hesitating how to decorate your house, apartment or office according to the latest trends? Do you want to make your own Christmas decorations? Get inspired!


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Christmas trees

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree?

LED lighting

Brighten up your home, apartment, or balcony with LED Christmas lighting.

Christmas decorations

Make your own decorations in the comfort of your own home.

Christmas flowers

Grow your own Christmas flowers at home.

Christmas pictures

Download Christmas images to your desktop or mobile, get inspired by decorations and enjoy beautiful winter landscapes.


Useful Christmas inspiration.

Some original Christmas tips

  • Do you want your Christmas tree decorations to be original and have symbolism for you? Make your own ornaments with text that is close to you and that connects your family. A song lyric, a favorite book, a personal message or quote… the ornaments look beautiful and will have more charm for you.
  • Instead of dropping the carp back into the water (which will kill the carp), try going into the woods with the kids and leaving a few apples or carrots. It can become a lovely family tradition!
  • Are you decorating the Christmas tree for Christmas Eve? Put a small tree in the children’s room as early as 1 December and leave a little treat under it every day to speed up the children’s wait for Santa. This is the original way to replace the chocolate advent calendar.
  • Do you wonder every year how to decorate the table and fold the Christmas napkins? Take inspiration from our article.
  • If you’re not a fan of traditional sweets, surprise your family with Christmas desserts this year.
  • Christmas time has its own magic that everyone imagines differently. Whether you decide not to change anything this year or try new traditions, make sure you do everything with your loved ones in mind! They are the ones who make it all worthwhile.

Inspiration for Christmas recipes

Traditional Christmas dishes are guaranteed not to be missing on our festive tables. Get inspired by our great recipes!


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Are you cold? How about making your own Christmas drink or other beverage?


Prepare traditional Christmas soups at home.

Main dishes

Cook perfect Christmas meals according to traditional recipes.


Are you in the mood for something sweet?


We have selected the best recipes for delicious Christmas candy. Get inspired with us!

Inspiration for Christmas gifts

Don’t know what to gift your loved ones under the tree? Get inspiration from us! You can use our interactive gift experience guide, or get inspired by different gifts.


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