QUIZ: Find out what you know about Christmas!

What do you know about Christmas? Test your knowledge in our online quiz and compare your results with others.

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    What is the Christian reason for celebrating Christmas?

    • The birth of Jesus
    • The crucifixion of Jesus
    • The Resurrection of Jesus
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    How long does Advent last and what are the names of the Sundays of Advent?

    • 4 weeks – green, silver, bronze, gold
    • 4 weeks – iron, bronze, silver, gold
    • 3 weeks – black, white, gold
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    What custom is associated with Advent Sundays?

    • Carols are sung every Sunday
    • Each Sunday a candle is lit on the Advent candlestick – one on the first Sunday, one candle is added each subsequent Sunday until all four are lit
    • Every Sunday of Advent a few ornaments are added to the tree
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    According to prophecy, what does a clear sky full of stars on Christmas Eve mean?

    • That it will be a fruitful year
    • It’s going to be a rainy year
    • It’s gonna be a long winter
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    According to tradition, when does the girl get married the following year?

    • When he throws his shoe and it hits the door of the house with his heel
    • When he cuts open an apple and finds a star inside
    • When he throws his shoe and it hits the toe of the door of the house
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    V USA nosí dárky dětem Santa Claus, ale kdo nosí dárky dětem ve Francii?

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    Jews celebrate their own holiday at Christmas time. Do you know what it’s called?

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    On Christmas Eve, Mass is celebrated in most churches. We call it:

    • Generous
    • Midnight
    • Merciful
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    Some households decorate a nativity scene at Christmas. Do you know where we find the town of Bethlehem?

    • In Egypt
    • In India
    • On the West Bank of the Jordan
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    Christmas is:

    • Religious holidays only
    • Official public holidays
    • Significant days

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