How to give money as Christmas gift? Be original, unconventional and funny!

Here are 40 tips on how to wrap your money in an imaginative and original way, without using an envelope.

It may happen that we want to please our loved ones with an original gift, but we do not know what would make them happy. Rather than buying something that we are not convinced is the “right” thing, it is better to donate money with which the recipient will buy what he or she wants.

Sometimes a larger sum of money is collected for the recipient to enable them to fulfil their dream. However, you also want the money donated to show that you have put in the work and a bit of yourself into the gift.

So how do you wrap the money so that this gift has style? All you have to do is create a suitable and effective wrapping for the money.


If you want to hide the money in a truly original way, and give the recipient a little trouble before he gets to the money, put the money in a puzzle that looks like a gift box. There are many types of gift boxes – puzzles of different sizes and difficulties.

A flower, as a carrier of good luck

Buy a larger house flower, small paper envelopes (preferably in different colours), scratch-off lottery tickets and prepare paper notes. Put scratch tickets in some envelopes and paper notes of different denominations in others. Punch the envelopes with a hole punch and attach them to the flower with ribbon.

Bottle of alcohol

Buy a bottle of alcohol that the giftee likes. Remove the label from the bottle and use photo album corners to attach a banknote in place of the label. You can still tie a decorative ribbon over the bottle.

Gift with a decorative envelope

A money envelope doesn’t always have to look plain, especially if it’s part of another gift. You can decorate the envelope yourself or buy a gift envelope with a card on which to write a dedication to the recipient.

If you decorate the envelope yourself, you can glue on pictures that the children have drawn or a photo of you together. You can also have a card made with your joint photos and put the money in it.

Then add the envelope with the money to the gift – you can put it in a book with a dedication, place it in a decorative box along with a bag of chocolate truffles, a lucky figurine or put the envelope in a bouquet of flowers.

A box with photos

Find a suitable sized box at home or buy one from a shop in any material, decorate it with pictures or photographs, hankies, pine cones or small mementos and place money inside along with a small token.

Treasure box

A nice and tasteful or, conversely, funny money box is the ideal packaging for the money you want to donate. Some money boxes are designed for metal coins, others are more suited for paper money. Depending on the type of money box, change the change into metallic fifty coins, for example, or conversely into paper notes, preferably new, beautifully shiny and undamaged, and place them in the money box.

Coins in a pot

Buy a houseplant in a smaller pot. Buy a larger decorative pot wrapper. Change enough coins at the bank and put them in the space between the pot and the wrapper. As well as giving the recipient a beautiful gift, you are also giving them a wish that their wealth will grow and blossom, just like this flower.

Money in the “cake”

Buy a larger number of thicker square wafers and prepare a thick cream. Arrange the wafers around the perimeter of a plate or cake tray and cream them together so that the inner space remains hollow. Place the money box in this space and cover the ‘cake’ with a spa wafer. Spread a layer of cream on top and decorate.

Gold coin basket

Place a few packets of gold chocolate pennies in a smaller decorative basket and mix them with the ‘gold’ 20s.

Banknotes in a book

You can donate money in a book – place individual notes between the pages of the book and wrap or tie with ribbon for decoration.

Find your Christmas treasure

Children or more playful individuals will love the gift of a treasure map with several tasks to complete to find their treasure – a decorative box of money.

Coin box with coins

Don’t throw away the candy wrapper. It can be used as a coin box. Place coins where the chocolate truffles or Toffifee were, close the box and decorate the lid. To prevent the coins from being moved elsewhere when handling the box, use a hot glue gun to stick them into the candy wells.

A gift for the traveller

If the recipient plans to visit specific destinations, print out photos of them, paste them into a hardcover notebook, and always glue an envelope to a loose leaf and insert notes in the country’s currency. You can also stick the banknotes into the labels used to hold the photos in the photo albums.


For pizza lovers, you can prepare a pizza gift. A pizza box, in which you prepare a collage of pizza-shaped banknotes.

The golden brick

Get an ordinary brick. Spray it with gold spray, roll the money into rolls and insert them into the holes in the brick.

Three Nuts for Cinderella

For a romantic and fairytale-like gift, put notes in three empty walnut shells (hazelnut shells wouldn’t fit). Stick the shells together with glue or hot glue gun, spray paint them gold and place them in a gift box or hot glue them to ribbons.

Origami of banknotes

If you know how to fold origami, fold the notes into different shapes and then hang them on a Christmas tree, a branch or a potted flower.

Bottle with banknotes

Choose a nice liquor bottle, fill it with banknotes and decorate it with ribbon. The recipient will be disappointed at first if they find the bottle too light. However, once they discover that the bottle contains very interesting contents in the form of rolled-up banknotes, they will be even more delighted with the gift.

An umbrella full of money

Buy a classic umbrella that doesn’t fold up, small pins and ribbons. Unfold the umbrella and attach the bills to the pins and ribbons and attach to the umbrella. This should then be given to the recipient closed and preferably in a wrapper. When the umbrella is opened, its circumference will be lined with the notes on the ribbons.

Money ornaments

For larger Christmas baubles (preferably transparent), carefully remove the top of the bauble, fill it with banknotes and close it again. Hang on a tree, a branch of twigs or a floral decoration.

Financial injections

Do you want to give the recipient a financial injection? Buy a syringe, put notes in it and tie a ribbon over it. The bigger the financial injection the recipient needs, the more syringes filled with banknotes you can prepare.

Photo frame

Arrange the banknotes in a photo frame in a mosaic or any pattern. Write a dedication on the inside back of the removable part and you can add a group photo. This way, when the money is removed, the recipient is still left with a beautiful gift with a dedication and photo.

Matchbox tree

Get matchboxes. Put a banknote in each box. You can glue the boxes together with paper or paint and glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree or a star so that they can be opened.


If you plan to give a wallet, put the notes in it as well, which will multiply the joy of the gift.

Enhanced markers

You can add bank notes for your children to seemingly ordinary gifts, such as wrapping each marker or crayon with one bank note and putting it back in the wrapper.

Treasure chest

Get a smaller decorative treasure chest and put treasure in it – coins, preferably 50 or 20 coins.

If you plan to give a larger amount of money, you can give investment gold, silver, platinum or investment coins instead of banknotes.

A bouquet of banknotes

For those of a romantic nature, you can create a beautiful bouquet of banknotes. Add and tie rolled and ribboned banknotes between the flowers in the bouquet and arrange them tastefully. You can also use more banknotes to create rose blossoms.

Soft gift

Soft gifts, such as socks, have never been very popular. Choose socks with some crazy or retro pattern to shock the giftee and put notes inside.

A suitcase with money

If you want to give someone money for a seaside holiday, do it in style. Put sand in a smaller suitcase and bury the notes inside. You can enhance the whole scene by adding sunglasses and seashells. The important thing, however, is not to tip the suitcase and prepare to open it in the position you arrange the scenery inside.

Horseshoes for luck

Prepare hard paper, a melting gun and coins. Glue the coins into the shape of lucky horse shoes. Decorate the top with rolled up banknotes tied with ribbon. You can have the whole creation framed or put it in a photo frame.

Mouse trap

The original banknotes are pinched in a mouse trap. Buy a classic mousetrap, stick a label with a dedication on it, roll up the banknotes and click them into the trap. For a better effect, you can also buy a cloth or rubber mouse at the pet store and glue it to the trap.


A tasteful gift for any man who professes elegant style is a shirt. If you plan to give him money as well, buy a solid-colored, preferably light-colored shirt and prepare a hard paper cutout in the shape of a tie and a bill. Attach the tie to the shirt and wrap the notes around it. If the notes don’t stay folded around the paper, attach them to the back of the paper with double-sided tape.

Money tree

You can donate a slightly different tree. Put small coins in a pot. On a stick, a stick or perhaps a cooking pot, create an imaginary tree crown from banknotes rolled into a funnel, which you tuck behind the wire-wrapped top of the stick, which you finally stick into the pot between the coins.

Rain of money

You can prepare an umbrella for the recipient to fill with both notes and coins. Insist that the recipient open the umbrella above his or her head and then experience the rain of money.

A small dustbin

A gift for those setting up their new home – a small cosmetic footed bin – fill the bin with rolled up and ribbon tied notes and put a decorative rosette on the lid of the bin or tie a bow over the bin.

Inflatable balloon

Balloons are not just an accessory for birthday parties. Even under the Christmas tree, an inflatable balloon can decorate some of the presents. Moreover, filled with money.

Give the gift of vitamins

You can also add one tube of “vitamins” to a package with health supplements and vitamins without vitamins, but with certainly more attractive contents – with rolled-up banknotes.

Photo album

Buy a small photo album with “shirts” for inserting photos. However, instead of photos, insert a banknote in each “shirt”.

Pockets full of money

If you like to make different collages, you can make a collage out of cut-off pockets from old trousers. Glue the pockets to hard paper, put notes in each pocket, frame everything and add the text: pockets full of money.

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