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20 amazing Christmas decorations you can make in half an hour

The most magical holiday of the year is almost here! We’ve put together some ideas for DIY Christmas decorations that you can easily make in 30 minutes.

New life for old bulbs

Old light bulbs, glue and glitter are all you need to create these gorgeous curtains for your Christmas tree.

Ornaments for the house

Christmas garlands give your home a real Christmas feeling, especially if you decorate them with Christmas decorations.

Christmas candlesticks

All you need to make this beautiful decoration is a container, glue and glitter.

LED chains wherever possible

Don’t limit yourself to hanging LED chains on your Christmas tree. They can make wonderful decorations on any object, such as a mirror.

Snow-covered vases

Empty wine bottles can make great Christmas vases. All you have to do is paint them white and sprinkle coarse salt on them before the paint dries.

Christmas tree ornaments

Cinnamon sticks, string, spruce twigs and buttons are all you need to create these cute little decorations.

Candle holders made from candy wrappers

Beautiful cookie tins can also be used as candle holders.

Magic lamps

Fill empty bottles with LED string and you get these incredibly beautiful decorations.

Entertain your guests

Snowmen like these will create a festive atmosphere for your holiday dinner.

Colorful flasks all around

Christmas flasks can be a great decoration for windows too.

Christmas wreath from an old bicycle

Attach spruce branches to an old bicycle using tape or a hot glue gun.

Chandelier decorations

Hang Christmas baubles and decorations on a chandelier and turn them into a real festive decoration.

Creative stars

You can easily make these incredible poinsettias using 30 drinking straws tied with a zip tie.

Snow-covered candles

One more great idea for a candle holder decorated with salt.

Table setting

Try this festive place setting. Your guests will love it!

Snowman – fridge

Give your fridge a face!

Paintings on the windows

It is best to paint on windows with tempera paints or toothpaste diluted with water.

Snowflakes on ice cream

You can use wooden sticks to make unique snowflakes. Ice cream sticks would be perfect for such a creation.

Paper snowflakes

Don’t forget to place paper snowflakes on the windows. It really adds to the atmosphere!

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