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How to decorate the table for Christmas Eve dinner? Get inspired.

The most important moment of the whole Christmas is certainly the Christmas Eve dinner. That’s why you should set your table to help you enjoy the festive atmosphere of the evening even more. How you decorate your table is up to your imagination. You can place candles, napkins, Christmas statues or even name tags on the table in different ways.

First, try to choose the right festive tablecloth. For a few years now, one of the most popular types of place settings has been “layering”. So, place a basic plain, preferably white tablecloth with no pattern on the table and place a slightly smaller tablecloth of a different colour or a tablecloth with Christmas motifs on top. The most suitable colours for the Christmas table are the traditional colours of Christmas, so red, green, gold, white or blue. Depending on the dominant colour, you can then fine-tune the other accessories you want to place on the table (candlesticks, candles, napkins).

The table decorations themselves have also undergone a number of changes in recent years. Today, it’s not just sweets that appear on the festive table, but also fruit, flowers, fruit bowls, napkins and candles. Always try to keep your table sparsely decorated, i.e. don’t put too many Christmas decorations on the table, because then the whole table could lose its original charm.

Attractive table decorations don’t have to be expensive either. If you are creative enough, you can even make some decorations yourself. For example, to make an Advent wreath, all you need is a piece of arranging material, twigs from a conifer, dried flowers or berries, candles and scissors. Then all you have to do is let your imagination run wild. Remember, however, that the decoration of the Christmas table should be in harmony with the decoration of the whole room.

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