Christmas Tree World Records: The Tallest and Most Expensive Trees in History

Exploring the extraordinary heights and costs of the world’s most remarkable Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday season, and many people around the world take pride in finding the perfect tree to decorate. But for some, finding the perfect tree isn’t enough – they want to set world records with their trees! From the tallest to the most expensive, here are some of the most impressive Christmas tree world records.

Tallest Christmas Tree

The tallest Christmas tree on record was erected in 2019 in the city of Gubbio, Italy. This tree was a staggering 750 meters tall, and it was made up of more than 700 lights. The tree was visible from miles away, and it was a major tourist attraction for the city.

Largest Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree that’s big enough to rival the real thing, look no further than the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2016, the city unveiled a giant artificial Christmas tree that stood 72.1 meters tall. The tree was made up of thousands of sparkling lights, and it was a true wonder to behold.

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

For those who have deep pockets, there’s the option of splurging on the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. This record was set in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates, where a hotel spent a whopping $11 million on a tree that was decorated with gold and diamonds. While this might seem like an outrageous expense, the tree was actually part of a charity event, with all proceeds going to support children in need.

Largest Gathering of Carol Singers

While it’s not technically a Christmas tree record, the largest gathering of carol singers is certainly a festive accomplishment worth mentioning. This record was set in December 2014 in India, where 15,674 people came together to sing Christmas carols. The event was organized by a radio station, and it was a true display of holiday spirit.


Whether you’re looking for the tallest, largest, or most expensive Christmas tree, there are plenty of world records to admire. While most of us will never have the opportunity to set these records ourselves, we can still appreciate the creativity and dedication that goes into creating these holiday wonders. Happy holidays!

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