Three Kings Day (Epiphany): A Festive Celebration

Discovering Three Kings Day: A Celebration of Epiphany Around the World (+Gallery)


Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany, is a Christian holiday that celebrates the visit of the three wise men, or Magi, to the baby Jesus. It is celebrated on January 6th, which is twelve days after Christmas.


The History of Three Kings Day

The story of the three wise men is told in the Bible in the Gospel of Matthew. According to the story, the wise men saw a bright star in the sky and followed it to Bethlehem, where they found the baby Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

In many cultures, Three Kings Day is an important part of the Christmas season. It is celebrated with parades, parties, and special foods.


How Three Kings Day is Celebrated

In many countries, Three Kings Day is celebrated with a special cake called a Rosca de Reyes, which is shaped like a crown and has a small figure of a baby Jesus baked inside. Whoever finds the baby Jesus in their slice of cake is said to be blessed and is responsible for hosting a party on February 2nd, which is Candlemas Day.

In some countries, children leave their shoes out on the night of January 5th and wake up to find them filled with gifts and sweets in the morning. This tradition is similar to leaving cookies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.


Three Kings Day Around the World

Three Kings Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, including Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many others. In some countries, it is a public holiday, and in others, it is celebrated with parades and festivals.


The Significance of Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day is an important part of the Christmas season for many Christians. It is a time to remember the story of the wise men and their gifts to the baby Jesus, and to reflect on the meaning of the Christmas season.



Whether you celebrate Three Kings Day or not, it is a festive and joyous holiday that brings people together to share food, gifts, and good company. It is a time to celebrate the season of giving and to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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